Dear Life and those Living,

Looking back I can say I have definitely learned that it takes sincere passion and discipline to do what you’ve been called to do. I was in Bible study a few nights ago and Bishop said when the passion runs out, the discipline kicks in…TRUTH! It has to! That goes for anything in this life that you call yourself dedicated to; your craft, your talent… even in prayer, discipline outweighs the passion. I love the Lord and I’ve given my life to Him to use me as a vessel for his work, and therefore I walk down the paths and through the gates less traveled by the masses - and I’m completely ok with that… But no matter how much I love Him, I still get weary sometimes; I don’t feel like praying or fasting or praying and praying and praying… so after my passion feels like it’s running on fumes, that’s when my DISCIPLINE kicks in! So you must have both because one can’t function on passion alone.

Passion is loving what you do, and loving it so much that you would do it for free. Discipline is studying it, seeking others who have done it, practicing it again and again. The passion makes it fun; the Discipline makes it worth it. If you were called to do it, then it’s worth it. You get out of life what you put in it… find out what Faith is and learn to walk in it.

I have to love what I do to wake up at 3am, to go to sleep after midnight, to be self motivated to research/study/practice, try this, try that, and to keep challenging myself to be better than yesterday. The drive to make it beyond my wildest dreams has given me the necessary gift & skill of filtering out the unimportant, the negative and the distractions. I’ve learned that it’s not only important to find out who you are; but it’s equally important to find out who you are supposed to be.

Mistakes and all… I’m in it to win it, give it and learn it, teach it and be it. Passion + Discipline = …. (Well if you do the math right, you’ll get a “WIN” every time!)



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Don’t worry Naomi Campbell… we’re gona get you some real strong glue so that you too can whip your hair back and forth, whip your hair back and forth.

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i don’t even really have to leave a description. This video is on fiyahhhh… literally. Notice how Kevin Hart burst into laughter!! LoL. Hilarious.. i mean, how do you recover from that? From this point on she will forever be known as the burnt up pink-eye candy. #TRAGICFAIL!

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So many situations, circumstances and people test our faith; but no matter what, I can’t give up or give in. I’ve had days when I have to remind myself to remember God’s word, speak God’s word and stand on that Word. No matter how painful it is; I’m standing. No matter how difficult it gets; I’m standing. No matter how long it seems; I’m standing. There are times when God will isolate you so that you can spend time with Him and seek Him above all other things. Growth is a beautiful thing. It’s nothing like looking back and being able to reflect on what you’ve made it through, learned and accomplished. I am forever grateful and humbled by life’s test.

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So, what is the Bee Side?

the Bee Side is similar to the B Side of a record. Wikipedia defines it as ’songs that may be released on the same record as a single to provide extra “value for money”. There are several types of material commonly released in this way, including a different version (e.g., instrumental, a cappella, live, acoustic, remixed version or in another language/text)…

So with that being said, The Bee Side is that other side of life that’s easily overlooked, but is ultimately the best part and the most sweetest part of life.

Sometimes the instrumental version of life embodies more than the actual lyrics.

The Bee Side is poetry, it’s homemade lemon cake, it’s Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall” album, it’s the Ivory Coast, it’s an authentic beef patty, it’s my great-grandmother’s fight, it’s jazz, it’s the worst feeling made better by the best feeling, it’s being FRESH!… it’s my life, my passions and my thoughts.

Welcome to the BeeSide 

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The Original “4 Women” by Ms Nina Simone… ClasSic! It’s been done, re-done and then done again many times over. I must say, Marsha Ambrosius, Kelly Price, Jill Scott and Ledisi shut it down. My girl Ledisi rocked it out… attitude and all - girl gave me chills! It’s voices like this and music like this that make you have such an appreciation for God’s creativity at work. —-enjoy 

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"4 Woman" performed at the "Black Girls Rock" show

1. Kelly Price

2. Marsha Ambrosius

3.Jill Scott

4. Ledisi

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